Dal Pakwan Recipe

Dal pakwan is most favourite breakfast food for sindhis and one of the popular food. It is basically made from chana dal and served with pakwan which is made from flour(maida).

Methods to Make Dal Pakwan

How to Make Dal

Step 1 : Firstly, soak the dal for 1 and half hour.

Step 2 : Then put the soaked dal in the pressure cooker along with the 2 cups of water.

Step 3 : Add tomatoes, green chilli and salt ac to taste.

Step 4 : Close the lid and allow the pressure cooker to whistle 2-3 times.

Step 5 : When the cooker has cooled down and Open the lid and check the dal.

Step 6 : After that in another pan, ½ teaspoon of oil for the tadka of cumin(jeera) seeds.

Step 7 : While serving dredge some mango powder(amchoor), chopped onion, coriander leaves, and some chutney.

Step 8 : At last serve with crispy pakwan.

How to Make Pakwan

Step 1 : Make a dough of maida, add salt to taste and karrai seeds.

Step 2 : Then take a piece of dough and roll it like a chapati and then fry it in oil and on full to medium flame.

Step 3 : Now your dish is ready to serve.

Ingredients for Dal Pakwan  

For Dal,

1 teaspoon oil

2 cups of chana dal

1 chopped onion

1 chopped tomato

2 green chillies

2 cups water

Half teaspoon turmeric powder

For Pakwan,

2 cups of flour(maida)

Half teaspoon karrai seeds

1 teaspoon of refined oil

Water is necessary