How to Make Sindhi Kadhi


Sindhi kadhi is an easy to make dish which is prepared using gram flour. It tastes good when it is served with rice.

Methods to Prepare Sindhi Kadhi

Step 1 : Pour some oil in the pressure cooker and let it heat. 

Step 2 : Add 1 cup of gram flour to the heated oil and mix it well till it becomes golden brown.

Step 3 : After the gram flour turns golden brown, then add some water in it and again mix it.

Step 4 : Add some red chilly powder, and salt according to taste.

Step 5 : Add the deep fried vegetables to the kadhi ( curry ) and put the lid on the pressure cooker.

Step 6: You can add variety of veggies to the curry like ladyfingers, potato, beans, bottle gourd, cauliflower, colocasia(arbi) to the curry.
Step 7: Ingredients like :- potato , ladyfinger, colocasia, cauliflower are suggested to be deep fried in oil before adding them to the curry.
Step 8: After closing the lid, allow the cooker to whistle 2-3 times. Lower the flame for 5 mins to absorb the veggies properly.
Step 9: After the cooker has cooled down, open the lid and add the tamarind water to the curry. 

Step 10: Allow it to boil and then give a tadka of jeera seeds.

Ingredients to Make Sindhi Kadhi 

  • 1 cup of saffola oil
  • 1 cup of gram flour 
  • Water as required
  • ½ teaspoon chilli powder
  • Some vegetables:- potato, ladyfinger, bottle gourd