Tairi is mainly cooked on special occasion of sindhis is Cheti Chand, the new year of sindhis. It is distributed as prasad.

Methods To Make Tahari

Step 1 :  Soak 1 bowl of rice for half hour.

Step 2 :  Boil the rice on high flame until it swells.

Step 3 : Fry the dry fruits like nuts and almond if needed. Till rice gets more than half cooked.

Step 4 :  Now take 2 tablespoon oil and heat it and then add thin slices of copra(dried part of coconut) and black raisins in it, add seed too.

Step 5 :  Now let’s add sugar and mixture of copra all upon the rice and the colour if using but cook on the lowest flame but rice must be covered.

Step 6 : Mix it lightly once sugar turns into the syrup and get mixed with rice properly.


Basmati or regular rice 400 gm

Dried coconut

Sugar 150 gm

Dhaakh (black raisins) 7-8 pcs

Roasted / fried dry fruits

Ghee 3 tablespoon


Green saunf